Bow Street Public Artwork, 2017

Permanent Public Artwork
Client: ‘a space’ arts

I was sub-contracted by ‘a space’ arts to produce the public artwork for the mixed-use development Bow Square in Southampton city centre.

The artwork was commissioned by PMC Construction and Rockspring in 2017 with funding provided by Hampshire Regional Property Group as part of planning conditions.

I managed the whole process from writing the initial artist brief, selecting the artist with ‘a space’ arts and PMC, working with the designer to develop the initial artwork proposal, engaging with the local community in Swaythling and managing the production and installation process.

Bow Square was once home to the former Fruit and Vegetable Market, which was developed following the Second World War in the 1950’s and operated until 2015. It is a significant historical site within Southampton City Centre, which resides in what is called the Old Town of Southampton, a term now used to describe the oldest part of the city, an area that incorporates a significant collection of historic buildings, vaults and walls.

The public artwork is a 30m long reimagining of the old town wall constructed from laser cut corten steel. The artwork is a tribute to the remaining parts of the walls, which are still some of the best surviving examples in Europe.

Old Fruit & Vegetable Market Southampton now the site of Bow Square