Wet my Whistle, 2020 on going

Artistic Conversations

Wet my Whistle is a series of online conversations exploring different independent artistic practices in the context of everyday realities.

Since my first child was born in 2014 I have often had thoughts of abandoning my independent/ freelance practice because it can be very difficult to balance work and family life. This was further compounded with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and long periods of home schooling. During this time I became interested in understanding why other artists and freelance curators/ producers keep their practice going amongst the chaos of everyday life.

These online conversations are an honest reflection of how other artists and freelance curators/ producers keep going and what needs to change in the arts sector in order to provide better support for independent practices.

I self-fund the programme in order that it can have an independent voice and takes places as and when I have the resources and time to produce it.

Artists are paid £50 for their contribution.

***First video will be released by end of July ***

Natasha MacVoy