Pressing Inertia, 2008


I devised ‘Responses: three approaches to one space’ as a series of changing commissions in which three artists responded consecutively to the dimensions of the Spike Island Project Space. The artists involved were: Tod Hanson, Ayling & Conroy and John Harper.

During the course of the exhibition the Project Space altered three times – the viewer was either greeted with a show by one of the three artists or the space in a state of flux. The sequential nature of the project set out to reveal the processes that an artist goes through in order to make a piece of work, which in turn made the curatorial act transparent. A Research Space containing reference material collected by the artists developed and evolved alongside a series of public events.

Pressing Inertia

Pressing Inertia, was a new work for the Project Space, a 15ft wide by 12ft high cylindrical form, painted with a design that referred to a machine landscape, a commodity diagram, a decorated tickertape razzmatazz of warfare and consumer frenzy. This resulting effect caused the structure to appear as though it is spinning within the gallery space, to the point where it is threatening to break free.

Responses: three approaches to one space was made possible through support and funding from the Spike Island Associates Programme and was the outcome of a years Curatorial Internship.

Pressing Inertia, 2008, Tod Hanson, part of Responses: three . . . , produced by Katie Daley-Yates. Photo: Gavin Stuart.
Research Space, part of Responses: three . . . , produced by Katie Daley-Yates. Photo: Gavin Stuart. Photo: Gavin Stuart.