The Basement Studio Project, 2006

Artist Run Space

I set up the Basement Studio whilst on the MA in Fine Art at the University of the West of England. The space was situated on the ground floor of a Georgian town house in Clifton, Bristol. Over the course of 2006/2007 the MA students used the space for making and exhibition work.

The space was developed at a time when independently run exhibition spaces in Bristol were lacking. The project was an attempt to address this. The diversity that existed within the group reflected the current climate of artists working across the city. The project fostered a supportive and creative environment for those involved, whilst producing a new reference point for Bristol’s art community.

Those involved included: Tom Milton, Theo Cuff, Chris Robinson, Lucie Wilkins, James Norton-Bassett, Mike Moran, Tobias Priscott, David Thomas, Eve Vergano, Caroline Higgins and Tash.

Landscape with ambient light, 2006, James Norton-Bassett. Photo: courtesy of the artist.
Untitled, 2006 by Tash and 20,000 days, 2006 by Mike Moran. Photo: James Norton-Bassett.
Untitled, 2006, Lucie Wilkins. Photo: James Norton-Bassett.