Broken Ground, 2009


I devised ‘Responses: three approaches to one space’ as a series of changing commissions in which three artists responded consecutively to the dimensions of the Spike Island Project Space. The artists involved were: Tod Hanson, Ayling & Conroy and John Harper.

During the course of the exhibition the Project Space altered three times – the viewer was either greeted with a show by one of the three artists or the space in a state of flux. The sequential nature of the project set out to reveal the processes that an artist goes through in order to make a piece of work, which in turn made the curatorial act more transparent. A Research Space containing reference material collected by the artists developed and evolved alongside a series of public events.

Broken Ground

Broken Ground drew on the viewer’s experience, confronting them with a deconstructed visual of land and landscape in a way that require them to then restructure and reform their view. Broken Ground was developed from a one-year location residency with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art (also published in the book Broken and Breaking Ground through RGAP and distributed by Cornerhouse) and was further developed for Responses: three approaches to one space.

Responses: three approaches to one space was made possible through support and funding from the Spike Island Associates Programme and was the outcome of a  Curatorial Internship.

Broken Ground, 2008, John Harper, part of Responses: three . . . , produced by Katie Daley-Yates. Photo: Gavin Stuart.
Research Space, part of Responses: three . . . , produced by Katie Daley-Yates. Photo: Gavin Stuart. Photo: Gavin Stuart.